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  • Zoom Conference WP Plugin Documentation

    Zoom Conference WP Plugin Documentation

    Zoom Conference WP Plugin( FREE ) Documentation shows a basic few steps to integrate zoom plugin into WordPress. There are no complicated processes. Just the basic steps. Check out this post for details in changes and check this post for detailed documentation. Want to Sell your meetings using WooCommerce  ? FREE Plugin for WordPress: Download […]

  • WP Inactive Logout

    WP Inactive Logout

    BUY PRO Version and unlock more features WP Inactive Logout makes your WP account secure from snoopers, friends to protect your data by assuring auto log out system within a certain defined time. This will help you keep safe from any users using same machine to access your account in case you are away and […]

  • Using Gulp in WordPress

    Using Gulp in WordPress

    Gulp for WordPress themes and Plugins can boost your development speed. One word AUTOMATION in basic terminology that defines gulp. Web developers often find themselves doing repetition in small and tedious work on daily basis which can be simplified by implementing gulp and automation. Without gulp assumption -> repetitive tasks = time consuming = loss in productivity. With […]

  • Deploy WordPress using github on Azure

    Deploy WordPress using github on Azure

    Deploy WordPress using github on Azure, If you have no idea or very little knowledge on how to even get started with azure on WordPress and link those source code to github then this article might be right for you. What i expect you already know: 1. Github commands or github workflow 2. Have paid […]

  • Tweet using TwitterAPI WordPress

    Tweet using TwitterAPI WordPress

    TwitterAPI for WordPress is now Available for download in the WordPress repository. This new plugin makes easy for the users to show their twitter feeds into their site. The plugin has a clean UI with customizable settings. Best will be usefull for displaying twitter widget or single tweets using tweet ids or show tweets in a page. […]

  • Twitter Plugin

    Twitter Plugin

    Ahoy hoy! I am currently developing a new plugin for WordPress which connects with Twitter using the Twitter REST API. Since, i did not find any helpful plugins that is highly customizable or free, i decided to make it myself. I will be releasing this plugin soon. The code will soon be available in Github […]

  • Essential Plugins for SublimeText 3

    Essential Plugins for SublimeText 3

    For any programmer sublime has become an essential and a very useful software nowadays. Well, for those of you who dont know what sublime text is, It is an IDE (Integrated Development Environment) i.e An integrated development environment (IDE) is a software application that provides comprehensive facilities to computer programmers for software development. An IDE normally […]