Zoom Conference WP Plugin Documentation

Zoom Conference WP Plugin Documentation shows a basic few steps to integrate zoom plugin into WordPress. There are no complicated processes. Just the basic steps.

Updated: April 29, 2019

Getting Started with Zoom Conference WP Plugin for WordPress

Zoom conference WP exposes REST interfaces which allows the users to manage meetings, users, recordings, settings and get usage reports to WP admin dashboard.

Note: You need to have a paid zoom account in order to use this plugin feature connected with your zoom account.

Generating API Key and Secret

For this plugin you’ll be using JWT token method to make the API connection. Please note, this method is only account level connection.

1. First goto https://marketplace.zoom.us/develop/create

2. Unselect/uncheck Intend to publish this app on Zoom MarketPlace

3. Choose Account Level App

4. You should see a new dropdown field select box.

Click and select JWT API credentials

5. Click Create

6. On the next screen you should see Information, App Credentials, Feature and Activation menus

7. Fill in your basic information about the App.

8. On the Credentials Page. Copy both API key and API Secret after you have filled all the details in information page.

Now, copy these credentials and go into WordPress Zoom Meetings settings page.

Copy and paste it here. You should get API working now.

Please see below “USING SHORTCODES TO ADD MEETING” section for more details on how to use the meeting.

Here below is the old process:

1. First step is to goto https://zoom.us/developer.

You should see the above type of screen. Now, browse into REST APIs (https://zoom.us/developer/api/credential) section through here.

2. Click on Credentials tab and copy API Key and API Secret. Now, login to WordPress and goto Video Conference with zoom settings page. Install zoom plugin if you have not installed it yet.

Copy and paste your keys where headings are same as in zoom and save settings.

If you keys are incorrect then after refresh in settings page error message defining that api keys are incorrect will show. Like below:

If no errors are displayed then you have successfully connected with zoom and are now ready to control through WordPress.

Using Shortcodes to Add Meetings:

Currently, in Zoom conference WP the only way to insert a created meeting is by using short-codes. For example:

From version 2.0 you can directly add meetings from tinymce button. For example:

Click on the above highlighted button to choose a user and add a meeting to a certain post. Clicking on the highlighted icon will give option to add meeting short-code by dynamically choosing.

Zoom conference WP

After clicking on the icon a modal box like alongside shown image should appear. If you have users in zoom then all those users will be shown here. Choose any one from them to view their meeting lists. However, do note that it will take some time to appear since, it is fetching data with API when processed.

You should see another modal popup after you have selected a user. Like below screenshot.

If a selected user does not have any meetings then a error dialog is shown else the meeting links are shown.

  • Link Label: Is the link label; default is Start Video.
  • ID and Class is the id for the generated link.
  • Link Target is either to open in new browser tab or open in same tab.

Zoom conference WP

Select a meeting and click on OK.

Your meeting short-code will be added and you can view link in front.

Hope these above few points help you. If any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me via contact section.

Introducing Action Hooks from Version 2.0.1 for Zoom conference WP

1. After update meeting hook will allow to hook your function after a meeting has been updated.

This hook allows one parameter ie. meeting ID at the time of update. Hook this in your functions.php file.

2. Hook your function after a meeting has been created. Using following:

This hook allows two parameters. Your created meeting_id and host_id

3. Hook after a user has been created using following:

This hook allows two parameters as well. Your created user unique ID and Zoom Host ID used for meetings.

For now these hooks only apply. Will add up more to make it more extensible in next updates.


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29 Responses

  1. amer bazerbashi says:

    Thanks for the update that you made today 29 April 2019 , I just tried to use your plugin yesterday but didnt work due to changing made by “zoom” and when I notice that your last comment is from 2018 so I thought that you will not make the necessary updates but fortunately you did .
    Thanks again

  2. Scott says:

    The users are not wordpress user? It is user in zoom?

  3. Miguel says:


    zoom changed all the links to the reset api… can you provide us with the new one.

    Because when i go to: zoom.us/developer i get a 404

    thank you so much

  4. Stephen Peacock says:

    Not sure how to add Host ID to user. The page says the following: In order to pull HOST ID from user meta do: get_user_meta($user_id, ‘user_zoom_hostid’, true ) ; but where is that done? It is not mentioned in the documentation.

  5. Tasha says:

    Hi There,

    How can I add this to BuddyPress user dashboard to see upcoming meetings & meeting links?


  6. GUYON says:

    depuis quelques temps je n’ai plus l’icone zoom sur mon éditeur.
    Pouvez-vous me dire si c’est normal ou si je dois faire une manipulation pour qu’il revienne
    je travaille avec tincyMCE Advanced

  7. govind says:

    can I select host and end user who is going to join the meating

  8. Daniel Godwin says:

    Hello can I create a button in my front end to enable users create their own meeting wth other users?

  9. Mamta Patel says:

    Hello, wanted to know, if I could pas the information from WordPress to Zoom?

  10. Matt says:

    Hello, is it possible to remove the TinyMCE button?

  11. Simon Sitto says:

    can you add the functionality ie. a report on list of meetings attended by each of my attendees?

  12. PD says:

    Hi there! Just to clarify: if I am having a regular Zoom video meeting this plugin allows me to embed it on my website? So if someone went to the embedded page and clicked to join, they would be able to see the video in the site instead of launching the Zoom app?

    • DpEN says:

      Hi there,

      No, this plugin does not allow embed but you can create meetings and attach those links to your pose and pages via shortcode but in order to directly join via web browser customizations needs to be done. BTW most of my comments goes to spam so instead of commenting you can send me a message. thanx

    • Frank says:

      Did you ever find a way to put Zoom Meeting into a page?

  13. ki says:

    Hi! Is it posible to embed a webinar??

  14. Huong says:

    Hi there,
    Yesterday I tried to install your plugin on my WP page, but something went wrong and my page was down. I only clicked “Install now” on the plugin, I didn’t do any further action, just waited for it to be installed and this happened:
    “The page isn’t working. engtalkonline.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP error 500.”
    I don’t undersand this error. It seems to me that some file of the plugin is missing, could you check it again for me please?

    • DpEN says:

      Hi there, I do not think installing plugin will break your site. Maybe you are having issues with your hosting provider ? or try downloading the zip file of the plugin and upload it into plugins folder and activate from WP. See if that works for you..

      The 500 error should not be generated by the plugin or is not generated by the plugin. Thnx.

      • Huong says:

        I’ve tried to install the plugin manually as you instructed, I saw zoom api plugin from the list of plugins on the dashboard of my site, but when I attempted to activate it, it failed to load and once again caused the 500 error.
        I also checked the permissions in wp-content folder, I’m sure there’s no problem. All other plugins have been successfully installed except this one.
        Please, could you help me on this? I truly appreciate your help!

  15. Dabir says:

    Not sure if my previous message went through.
    In your Zoom plugin, is it possible to download reports of participants in each meeting?

    • DpEN says:

      Hi Dabir,

      Yes got your msg on gmail. I already replied you there.. Your comment was marked as spam maybe because of the email your provided had such signature.. THanx.

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