WP Inactive Logout

WP Inactive Logout makes your WP account secure from snoopers, friends to protect your data by assuring auto log out system within a certain defined time. This will help you keep safe from any users using same machine to access your account in case you are away and forgot to logout and kept your site logged open.

Simple but works efficiently. Nothing much to explain on plugin use. As its simple to use. You can find inactive settings under settings menu in admin dashboard.

Some Feature Highlights of WP Inactive Logout

  1. Change idle timeout time.
  2. Count down of 10 seconds before actual logout. You can remove this feature if you dont want it.
  3. Add only Wake Up! message where user will not logout but instead a wakeup message will be shown upon inactive.
  4. Custom Popup Message.

In order to style dialog boxes you can use css classes. Also, works in frontend view as well.

Using WP Inactive Logout

WP Inactive Logout

After you have installed this plugin browse through settings > inactive logout. 

  1. Idle Timeout – This option lets you choose when to log out after inactivity.
  2. Idle Message Content – Message to show when you are inactive and logged out. Modify according to your needs.
  3. Popup Background – Customize popup background according to need in order to hide your data even after logout.
  4. Disable Timeout Countdown – There is a timeout countdown after you are inactive. System will give you a 10 seconds countdown before logging you out. If you have checked this option then you will be directly logged out.
  5. Show Warn Message – This feature will allow you to only show warn message that you are inactive for certain defined minutes.
  6. Concurrent Logins – This feature will let you only login at one place at a time. If you have logged in from another location then automatically previous location is logged out.

Please note that timeout is to be defined in minutes.

This plugin also works for multisite.

There’s a GIT repository too if you want to contribute a patch. Please check issues. Pull requests are welcomed.

Please consider giving a 5 star thumbs up if you found this useful.


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10 Responses

  1. Moe says:

    Outstanding plugin! Is there a way to redirect to a particular url after logout?

  2. Moe says:

    Me again. First let me say great work on the many additions and changes to this wonderful plugin. Is there a way to redirect to a specific URL instead of having to choose from a list of pages/posts?

  3. Danielle.pk44 says:

    Your plugin work powerfull. But i have a problem, on my test server with php 5.5.38 work fine, but on my job server with php 5.3.8 (older) i can’t activate your plugin who require a higher versus of php. I cannot ugrade to php 5.5.8 my job server.
    Have you a solution ? Best regards. Danielle

    • DpEN says:

      Hi Danielle,

      My site has blocked your comment as spam so i did not see your comment in my mailbox so i did not reach out to you sooner.. Sorry for that.. Is there anyway you can upgrade your server to atleast php version 5.6 ? You should not use php less that since its going to be deprecated soon. If any problems you can contact me via contact me section.. Thanx

  4. Danielle.pk44 says:

    Hi Dp,
    Thank for your reply.
    My boss dont want to upgrade our old server (php 5.3.8). I try few plugin for logout after inactivity. Only your (inactive-logout) do exacty what i expect ! others are very approximative and not usefull. I’m not able to transform php code in way that your plugin work on php 5.3.8. I just want to logout users on WP multisite after 3 minutes of inactivity. If you can help me. Thanks. Danielle

    • DpEN says:

      Hi Danielle,

      Again sorry for late reply. Please send me an email from https://deepenbajracharya.com.np/say-hello/ if i dont get back to you soon. Because in comments its likely to go into spam if special characters are written.

      Its bad that you cannot upgrade your server. Like i said recommend using php version 5.6 equivalent or above. For you a temporary solution is to edit plugin source code file.

      Edit file inactive-logout/src/inactive-logout-main.php on line 198. Edit “5.4” to “5.2”. Save and it should work for you. Lemme knw through mail from https://deepenbajracharya.com.np/say-hello/ if it works for you. Thanx.

  5. HI DpEN,
    With your modification “5.4” to “5.2” your plugin work very fine, a great thanks to you, inactives users are going to have a new surprise 😉
    Do not sorry for late reply, i was on hollydays for 2 weeks.
    Best regards and thanks again. Danielle

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