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  • Journey to Gosaikunda, Nepal

    Journey to Gosaikunda, Nepal

    Today, I am going to mildly exaggerate my journey to Gosaikunda. For those of you who do not know about this destination. It’s located in Nepal, located at an elevation of 4380m (14,370ft) in Rasuwa district of Nepal. Gosaikunda, is an fresh alpine water formed lake in Langtang Region. The lake melts to form the Trishuli […]

  • Rato Macchindranath Jatra ( Buṅga Dyah ) 2016

    Rato Macchindranath Jatra ( Buṅga Dyah ) 2016

    Historical and popular Rato Macchindranath ready to be pulled and worshiped by followers after a Devastating Quake the year before it was pulled. Buṅga Dyaḥ Jātrā (Newar: बुंग द्यः जात्रा), Rato Macchindranath Jatra is held once in a year. In kathmandu valley there are two Machhindranath jatra held. One is held in Asan, Kathmandu and […]

  • Itilhane Samyak 2072/ 2016

    Itilhane Samyak 2072/ 2016

    Short Info on What Itilhane Samyak (Devanagari: सम्यक) is ? Itilhane Samyak Mahādāna Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Nepal that is held once every four years – five years. This festival is also known as Dipankar Parva, During the time of this ceremony hundreds and more statues of dipankar Buddha are worshiped…. Literally, the term Samyak  means the unity […]

  • Travelling to Nepal: One wish to include in your bucket list

    Travelling to Nepal: One wish to include in your bucket list

    For those having the wish to take adventures, explore, see multiple cultures and many more to be unseen which cannot be explained. Then, one must include travelling Nepal in their bucket list. Why Nepal? Simply one word….. i.e. beautiful! Nepal is popularly known as the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha and for the highest […]