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Rato Macchindranath Jatra ( Buṅga Dyah ) 2016

Historical and popular Rato Macchindranath ready to be pulled and worshiped by followers after a Devastating Quake the year before it was pulled. Buṅga Dyaḥ Jātrā (Newar: बुंग द्यः जात्रा), Rato Macchindranath Jatra is...


A Moment of Silence

On April 25th, 2015 (Baisakh 12, 2072) my country Nepal was struck by an Earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8. Having casualties of over 15000 among which 8000 deaths. This Earthquake was named Gorkha Earthquake...


Itilhane Samyak 2072/ 2016

Short Info on What Itilhane Samyak (Devanagari: सम्यक) is ? Itilhane Samyak Mahādāna Festival is one of the oldest festivals in Nepal that is held once every four years – five years. This festival is...