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  • Google Goals and Goal Tracking

    Google Goals and Goal Tracking

    Viewers Prerequisite before Reading this Article 1. Basic Knowledge on JavaScript Embed Snippets 2. Knowledge on Google Analytics About the Article This Article aims to show you on how to use Google goals. This article will provide information on the basic terminology on what Google goals are and when to use it. This article assumes that you have used Google Analytics […]

  • WordPress Database Query

    WordPress Database Query

    Please note, that this article is intended for WordPress beginners and aims to provide guidance to those who have not dealt much with WordPress site migration. Installing WordPress is very easy and can be done in 5 steps whether you are on your local server or a live server. You can accomplish this without going […]

  • Tweet using TwitterAPI WordPress

    Tweet using TwitterAPI WordPress

    TwitterAPI for WordPress is now Available for download in the WordPress repository. This new plugin makes easy for the users to show their twitter feeds into their site. The plugin has a clean UI with customizable settings. Best will be usefull for displaying twitter widget or single tweets using tweet ids or show tweets in a page. […]

  • Twitter Plugin

    Twitter Plugin

    Ahoy hoy! I am currently developing a new plugin for WordPress which connects with Twitter using the Twitter REST API. Since, i did not find any helpful plugins that is highly customizable or free, i decided to make it myself. I will be releasing this plugin soon. The code will soon be available in Github […]

  • Zoom Video Conferencing WordPress Plugin

    Zoom Video Conferencing WordPress Plugin

    Zoom Video Conferencing WordPress Plugin was Edited on: January 30th, 2017 Over the month zoom is being updated and this plugin has been updated as well. Please refer to this post for latest discussions and documentation. From version 2.0 this plugin has changed drastically. Today i launched a new version with better refined codebase of the […]

  • Hooks: Actions and Filters in WordPress

    Hooks: Actions and Filters in WordPress

    Hooks in WordPress plays a vital role in the development cycle of any application in WordPress. Hooks allows the users to simply tie your custom code to the rest of the WordPress core base. In this article we will be looking onto what exactly are the Hooks in WordPress and some examples on using them. […]

  • Making AJAX Requests in WordPress

    Making AJAX Requests in WordPress

    This article will guide you on the basics of using AJAX request in WordPress. Before reading this article you should already know the following things: Basic Guidelines on how ajax works. Basics on Actions hooks Basics on Jquery Ajax can be used in multiple ways  but in WordPress it is a bit different and might […]

  • Creating a WordPress theme

    Creating a WordPress theme

    This article is related with the theme development in WordPress. This article is intended for beginners in WordPress. In this article we will look onto the basics of theme development in WordPress. Pre-requisites – Basic Idea in core PHP – Basic Idea of what WordPress Is – Knowledge on Basic HTML – WordPress Installed How […]

  • Installing Java on Ubuntu 14.04

    Installing Java on Ubuntu 14.04

    Java is a technology originally developed by Sun Microsystems, and acquired by Oracle. Oracle JAVA, Open JDK, IBM Java, GNU compiler are the prevalent implementations. Installing Java with apt-get is easy. First, update the package index: sudo apt-get update Then, check if Java is not already installed: java -version If it returns “The program java […]

  • Making Admin Panel using Codeigniter 3.0+

    Making Admin Panel using Codeigniter 3.0+

    This tutorial will teach on how to create the Back-end and Front-end by creating two Controllers. The frontend controller is the Controller that will control the actions and logic seen in the Public whereas, the backend will be mainly used by the site author, administrator etc . The idea of this is to reduce too […]