Zoom Video Conferencing WordPress Plugin

Zoom Video Conferencing WordPress Plugin was Edited on: January 30th, 2017

Over the month zoom is being updated and this plugin has been updated as well. Please refer to this post for latest discussions and documentation. From version 2.0 this plugin has changed drastically.

Today i launched a new version with better refined codebase of the plugin where lots of bugs have been fixed. Hopefully, you guys like the new plugin layout. Let me know if you need more functionality to the plugin. Contact me via contact us section.

What is Zoom Video ?

Zoom Video Communications (known simply as “Zoom”) is a U.S.-based company operating from San Jose, California that provides cloud-based video communications. Offering both cloud meeting and webinar software, Zoom is most known for Zoom Cloud Meetings, also referred to as “Zoom” by users, which combines video conferencing, online meetings, and mobile collaboration into one platform.

Few features of this simple plugin:


  1.  Add Meetings – Simply Add the Meetings through WP Panel
  2.  Easily List/Add Users – Easily list and add users
  3.  Clean and Friendly UI
  4.  Easy to output data using a simple short-code

You can get this plugin from here. More info on what zoom is you can check this link.

Contribute to Zoom Video Conferencing WordPress Plugin

Zoom plugin for WordPress happily accepts contributions of code the community. These contributions are made in the form of Issues or Pull Requests on the Zoom repository on GitHub.

Issues are a quick way to point out a bug. If you find a bug or error in Zoom plugin for WordPress then please check a few things first:

  • There is not already an open Issue
  • The issue has already been fixed (check the develop branch, or look for closed Issues)
  • Is it something really obvious that you fix it yourself?

Reporting issues is helpful but an even better approach is to send a Pull Request, which is done by “Forking” the main repository and committing to your own copy. This will require you to use the version control system called Git.

Zoom Video Conferencing WordPress Plugin Installation Instructions

Installation through direct WordPress

  • Goto Plugins
  • Add New
  • Search for Video Conferencing with Zoom API
  • Click on Install

Installation for a Zip file

  • Goto this link: https://wordpress.org/plugins/video-conferencing-with-zoom-api/
  • Click on Download
  • Unzip the downloaded file somewhere.
  • Copy the extracted folder to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory
  • Activate the plugin from your Site

That’s it!

The Documentation for the Plugin. The documentation might look sloppy but you can understand the doc. You can get it from here.

If you’re new to WordPress, please read the first steps WordPress. Enjoy !


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15 Responses

  1. Sebastian says:

    Good afeternoon, l would like to know to view the meeteng directly from my wp site. without having to be redirected to the zoom application. is directly from the section of my website?. Thank you very match for you.

  2. Ok so now Zoom has rolled out Video conferencing plugin as well for conducting video conferences. But directly using Zoom video conferencing tool or any other tool for video conferencing purpose say Webex, R-HUB HD video conferencing etc. is easy right?

  3. BECCA A CARD says:

    I had contacted you a few days ago and am still waiting for an answer.

    I am no longer able to insert a meeting via the toolbar. I am not clear on how to add the code.

    It has been over 48 hours.

  4. Wolter van Verschuer says:

    Hi Deepen, I would like to use your Zoom plugin, but I don’t get the link on the website to work. I have used the link like this:

    [zoom_api_link meeting_id=”646569952″ class=”custom_class” id=”custom_id” title=”Zoom klaslokaal”]

    The link does not work however. Do I need to put in the link in a different way, like with a url and where do I find the url?

    Thanks for letting me know.

    Wolter van Verschuer

    • DpEN says:

      Hi Wolter,

      Would be nice if you could email me. As for the shortcode yes thats about it. Did you put in your zoom api keys ? Are they working ?

  5. Cathy Koning says:

    Question 1: I am excited to begin using your plugin. I have an API Partner account with Zoom. I have downloaded your plugin and can hold a video conference using your shortcode and the meeting ID from from zoom.us (yay!). In your plugin, I am unable to add users (and it does not appear to sync with the users that have been added to my Zoom account). Since I have no users, I cannot add a meeting. Reports are not showing either. As I am not tech-savvy, I assume the problem is on my end. Can you help?

    Question 2: Can you provide a shortcode that includes an image? I would like to have a clipart to click on to initiate the video conference.

    • DpEN says:

      Hello Cathy, Thank you for trying my plugin.

      Thank you for the bug finding in users section. I have updated the plugin. Now you will be able to add users successfully. Contact me on my gmail from http://deepenbajracharya.com.np/know-me-more/ section if you have further problems. If your dashboard shows meetings then you have connected right way. If not then you may have installed your api keys wrong.

      I’ve created a shortcode which will help you to customize according to your needs. This shortcode prints out only a link to your zoom meeting. Use like [zoom_api_video_uri meeting_id="XXXXXX"] and it will print out you a url. You can customize this by adding image to your link and so on.


    • Cathy Koning says:

      Thank you DpEN for your quick email response to my issues. Turns out I accidentally copied extra spaces with my API Key and API Secret. We are very excited to launch a service utilizing your plugin. Thank you!!!

  6. Cheefoo says:

    Hi. Thanks for the wonderful plugin created. Appreciate that. I got some questions and hope you can assist.

    1. May I know if wordpress users can login to website first to start the video conference ?
    2. Would you accept paid services to produce customized zoom plugin for our website ?

    • DpEN says:

      Hi Cheefoo,

      Thank you for trying the plugin. About your questions.

      1. Currently the plugin does not restrict that. You will have to restrict it manually to make users access the link after logging in.
      One way to make that happen would be https://gist.github.com/techies23/1b6fbad89e10da745efaf87ebb74f88e. See the code snippet from the link.

      After you have copied the snippet into your functions.php file you can copy the following shortcode [another_shortcode meeting_id="your_meeting_id" title="asdas"] in your content. Doing so, will only so the link to logged in users.

      2. Yes sure. I am open to offers. Contact me via my email address if you have any. 🙂

  7. Dianne Heide says:

    I have installed the Zoom plugin and find that there are no DOCS!!!! What’s that about? I need to know what I do with this:

    [zoom_api_link_meeting_id=”meeting_id” class=”your_class” id=”your_id” title=”your_title”]

    I assume I can turn it into something like this:

    [zoom_api_link_meeting_id=”What??” class=”Patient-Allen” id=”My Zoom User ID” title=”Click on the link to enter video conference”]

    Notice I have What??? for the first variable, I use an id of my customer designation and name for class, id would be my individual user number from the user list, and title would tell my customer how to enter the conference.

    Please let me know if I have that right. Also, WRITE SOME DOCUMENTATION IF YOU WANT US TO USE YOUR SERVICE.

    • DpEN says:

      I have sent you an email on how to use. I will write a some documentation on this too ASAP. For your query: The shortcode generates a anchor link where the title is your link’s heading.

  8. HI ,

    Installed this plugin but not showing link for how to create webinar, Anybody help me?

    I have paid account at zoom and able to create my webinar vai zoom webiste.

    • DpEN says:

      Hello there,

      Currently the plugin can only create, delete and update meetings and users. The webinar has not been integrated into this plugin yet because of the subscription plan. Will soon update the plugin with webinar module but for now sorry the plugin does not have that yet.

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