Tweet using TwitterAPI for WordPress Documentation ( Last updated: May 19th, 2016 )

Welcome to Tweet using TwitterAPI for WordPress

Tweet using TwitterAPI is a simple but powerful feature packed plugin for Free.

Tweet using TwitterAPI makes it easy for the users to show their twitter feeds into their site. This is a simple though powerful plugin. Customizable embedded Tweet colors from the WordPress admin interface. Customizable widget. You can choose a widget theme color, enable/ disable thumbnail, enable/disable touch, customize height of the widget, add follow button and many more.


  • Facility to customize to match your website theme
  • Detailed and Compact view options
  • Comprehensive editor to customize animation, colors, and style
  • All the power and flexibility of jQuery and REST API
  • Easy install; 100% integration
  • Easy and Clean UI
  • Caching Data using JSON. So, less to worry about the Request Limit of the API


This plugin is registered undered GNU GPL Version 2, June 1991. Read More Here

Contribute to Tweet using TwitterAPI

Tweet using TwitterAPI happily accepts contributions of code the community. These contributions are made in the form of Issues or Pull Requests on the Tweet using TwitterAPI repository on GitHub.

Issues are a quick way to point out a bug. If you find a bug or error in Tweet using TwitterAPI then please check a few things first:

  • There is not already an open Issue
  • The issue has already been fixed (check the develop branch, or look for closed Issues)
  • Is it something really obvious that you fix it yourself?

Reporting issues is helpful but an even better approach is to send a Pull Request, which is done by “Forking” the main repository and committing to your own copy. This will require you to use the version control system called Git.

Installation Instructions

Installation through direct WordPress

  • Goto Plugins
  • Add New
  • Search for Tweet using TwitterAPI
  • Click on Install

Installation for a Zip file

  • Goto this link:
  • Click on Download
  • Unzip the downloaded file somewhere.
  • Copy the extracted folder to your wordpress/wp-content/plugins directory
  • Activate the plugin from your Site

That’s it!

If you’re new to WordPress, please read the first steps WordPress. Enjoy!

Basic Setup

After the activation of the plugin. You will need to configure you keys before you can draw feeds from your twitter account. Follow the following steps:

1. Goto Settings > Twitter Settings in your WordPress site WP-admin you will find something like the below screenshot.

Settings Page
Settting Page

2. Now goto Twitter Apps. You should see the screen below after you have logged in with your twitter account. Now click on the "Create New App" button which is hightlighted red button marker, like shown below the screenshot.

Apps Twitter

3. Fill in your app name, some description and your website. Leave the callback URL blank and Press Create your Twitter Application

Create Apps Twitter

4. After creating click on the created item and you should see the following options. Click on the Keys and Access Tokens section.

Create Apps Twitter

5. Copy the Consumer Key (API Key) and Consumer Secret (API Secret) from there and paste into your WordPress site settings page Settings >> Twitter.

Create Apps Twitter

6. Similarly, scroll down and generate the Access Token Key and paste those key in the Settings >> Twitter. Settings page as well.

Create Apps Twitter

After you have updated all the keys. The plugin should fill the twitter Data.

Create Apps Twitter

Great! You've completed the basic setup!! Now, try setting up a widget in your sidebar or insert this [tf_user_timeline] shortcode in order to pull your feed into a page.

Getting Familiar with Settings UI

Tweet with TwitterAPI has a very clean and simple UI and not much settings that are to be configured. There is not much to this although there are some button or components that needs to be explained.


Every point described here relates to the point number in the screenshot above.

1. Clear Twitter Cache - This button clears the cached twitter json data. The plugin fetches new data every 30 minutes. The feched data is shown because of the Twitter API request limitation here. So, basically, this clears that data and fetches new one. Its best that you clear this data if you change your API keys.

2. Flush Keys - This button clears all the cache data as well as the registered Consumer and Private keys. NOTE: Proceed Caution when doing this.

3. Show Followers - Show the followers count for the user (Not applicable for Widget).

4. Show Following - Show the following count for the user (Not applicable for Widget).

5. Exclude Replies from Feeds - Exclude the replies on the user timeline. (Not applicable for Widget and only application for the User Timeline).

6. Enable Profile thumbnail - Enable/Disable profile picture thumbnail.

7. Show Post Thumbnails - Show/ Hide the post thumnail/ Images.

8. Show Retweets Icon - Show/ Hide the retweet icon.

9. Show Follow Button - Show/ Hide the follow button.

10. ( Removed from v1.1 ) Custom CSS Editor - Put your custom CSS code here to edit/add styles for the twitter widget or page shortcode output. NOTE: Do remember to take a backup copy of this before updating the plugin since, this still has some bug.

11. Feeds Count - Input how many feeds are to be shown per page.

Types of Timeline Available for this Plugin

GET statuses/user_timeline

Returns a collection of the most recent Tweets posted by the user indicated by the user_id parameters.

The timeline returned is the equivalent of the one seen when you view a user’s profile on

GET statuses/home_timeline

Returns a collection of the most recent Tweets and retweets posted by the authenticating user and the users they follow. The home timeline is central to how most users interact with the Twitter service.

GET statuses/retweets_of_me

Returns the most recent tweets authored by the authenticating user that have been retweeted by others. This timeline is a subset of the user’s GET statuses / user_timeline.

GET statuses/mentions_timeline

Returns the 20 most recent mentions (tweets containing a users’s @screen_name) for the authenticating user.

The timeline returned is the equivalent of the one seen when you view your mentions on


The plugin has two shortcodes. Let's break em down and see details:

1. [tf_user_timeline]

The tf_user_timeline can take upto 3 arguments value. They are id, class and type. Its clear that class and id are the html elements that wraps a div with a class and an id to represent that certain div or element. However, the type has few hidden values.

Breaking down the Types for the tf_user_timeline.

[tf_user_timeline String class = $class String id = $id String type = $type]

Displays the Selected User Timeline View



(string) (Optional) Class of the Container.

Default value: tf_twitter_feeds


(string) (Optional) ID of the Container.

Default value: tf_twitter_feeds


(string) (Optional) Type of Timeline.

Default value: user_timeline



Doing this [tf_user_timeline class=test id=test type=mentions_timeline] will output the mentions timelines. Instead of mentions_timeline you can use the above types.

2. [tf_tweet_id]

The tf_tweet_id can also take upto 3 arguments value. They are id, class and tweet_id. Its clear that class and id are the html elements that wraps a div with a class and an id to represent that certain div or element. Similarly, the tweet_id is the ids of the tweet that you want to show.

[tf_tweet_id String class = $class String id = $id String tweet_id = $tweet_ids]

Displays a single tweet or multiple tweets using the tweet id found in a tweet url.



(string) (Optional) Class of the Container.

Default value: tf_specific_tweets


(string) (Optional) ID of the Container.

Default value: tf_specific_tweets


(string) (Optional) Tweet IDs.

Default value: NULL

Example: Fetching Single Tweet ID

Example: Fetching Multiplea Tweet ID

In order to fetch multiple ids. Simply, append the ids by using comma(,) as a seperator like show below

Doing [tf_tweet_id tweet_id=730884212769742848,730387311041515520] should display the tweet like in the following screenshot.

Single View

In the above screenshot the red highlighted are the two tweet ids, seperated by comma(,) in between. Remember that the comma should not have space after.

Please clear the twitter cache from wp-admin/options-general.php?page=tweets-feeds everytime you update a shortcode tweet_id value.


1. After installing all the credentials my feeds are not showing.

In order to fix this issue try flushing the cache. "Clear Twitter Cache" in your http://your-domain/wp-admin/options-general.php?page=tweets-feeds page.

2. How to Generate Keys.

Follow the steps here

2. How to Generate Keys.

Follow the steps here

3. How to Hide the scroller from the widgets.

In order to do this insert .nicescroll-cursors{ display:none; } in your stylesheet file.

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