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I'm a Web Developer, Techie + Musician

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Patience is the key to Everything.

I am a passionate worker with a proven track record of translating complex ideas into slick, successful campaigns. I’ve managed and built any site, worn every hat on the rack and leap tall structures in single hop. Don’t let my clean lines and politeness fool you; this is all plot for the world domination, one at a time.. 😛

I’ve worked with some pretty amazing cool guys and team members and achieved greater things. It’s simple. Do the best work you can do and everything else will fall into place. There are no shortcuts; if you want something you have to try harder.

I’ve done numerous attractive and awesome featured sites. Check out the few plugins for WordPress that i have made so far.


Pretty Awesome eh?
Inactive Logout
Inactive Logout

Make your WP account secure from snoopers, friends to protect your data by assuring auto log out system within a certain defined time. This will help you keep safe from any users using same machine to access your account in case you are away and forgot to logout and kept your site logged open.

You can get this plugin from here

Zoom Video Conference
Video Conferencing with Zoom API

Video Conferencing using Zoom plugin for WordPress gives you the power to manage Zoom Meetings from your WordPress dashboard iteself.

You can get this plugin from here

Hello Marshmellow ! Check other plugins here



Old is gold.. YO !!

Lok Sewa was a android app for notice, practice question, self-test and other materials for the preparation of Lok Sewa Examination conducted by Public Service Commission, Nepal. This app has many cool features.

You can get check this app from here. It has been a while since it has been updated.


Similarly, Cybersansar.com is the leading modelling site in Nepal. Cybersansar app lets you view your favourite model galleries anytime. However, this app is also outdated.

You can get check this app from here.



Running water never grows stale. So, you just have to keep on flowing.

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